The Icewalkers

Potential Allies

The Icewalkers are fierce and proud, and now with the leadership of the Bull of the North, organized and truly formidable. They forced the Lover back into the Underworld, their armies are outfitted with the finest weapons and armor from the Saltspire League, and they are supported by the shamans and sorcerers trained by Samea.

However, with their Exalted rulers gone, they are in disarray. There are many Lieutenants, mortal, God-blooded and even a few Outcaste Dragonblooded, who will keep them together, but they are not nearly the force that they were with the Bull leading them.


The Bull’s Lieutenants would look unfavorably upon another Solar circle trying to subvert the Icewalkers. That said, if approached as independent allies, they are very likely to work to save their leaders. They respect strength, and rightness of cause. There are some brewing problems in the southeast however, as banditry is picking up at a surprising rate. This will have to be addressed before the Icewalkers march to war again.


The Icewalkers

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