The Ennead

Potential Ally

The threefold tripartate watches over the Haslanti, but rarely interferes. Individually, they are weak for gods, but together they can achieve great works. Their greatest use may be in bolstering the Haslanti, and convincing them to fight on.

The Purview of the Ennead is Ice, Fate, and Dream. If they were to take to the field themselves, some would be great warriors and generals, while others would be skilled diplomats, bringing greater forces into the fold.


The Ennead are crafty survivalists, and while they watch over the Haslanti, they would rather continue existing than risk their lives. If left to their own devices, they will passively support the Haslanti until things become too grim, then disappear. Convincing them to do more than that would require a great orator, or perhaps greater threats.

The Ennead

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