Potential Ally

The Slave States of Deshaan are one of the greatest horrors of the North, and that’s counting the Devourer. Millions of inhabitants, only a scant thousand are free. It has been ripe for revolt for years, and if it were to, the resulting chaos would be terrible. What comes after, however, would be almost guaranteed to be better than what is.

Deshaan has a large slave army, but how much of it is available to go to war is extremely dependent on the outcome of the inevitable revolt. Discipline at the moment is dependent on drugs, which would have to be maintained if one wanted a fighting force that is better than a mob.


Recruitment would largely take the form of sparking a revolt, fanning the flames so that they overwhelm the masters, then keeping it from completely consuming the coast in fire and death. It is likely that the Realm would respond to this, but one crushing defeat would be enough to get the Realm to back off.



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