Character Creation

Challa Far Ranger

Youngest of the Bull’s Circle and the first to be saved from the Wizard, Challa is a younger Solar than the Triad. Her powers seem tied up in her companion, a massive beast that is fiercely protective of her.

High Satrap Vittoria

Absolute ruler of the slave states of Deshaan

The Bonegineer

Servant of The Lover. Certainly deceased, but evidence of his work keeps cropping up.

Thrice Dead Achiba

Commander of the Spectre Corps of Marama’s Fell. Deceased. Deceased. Deceased.


A deity from Renja’s past, who has twice sent harriers after her.

The Ennead

The Threefold Tripartite; nine terrestrial gods who watch over the Haslanti League. Respected by the Haslanti, but not worshiped. Hard to find.

The Devourer

Mentioned briefly by the mad underthing which had been harassing the Deep Folk before the Triad came. Apparently to the north west.

Al-Karim, The Lone Flame

Representative of the Court of Wind and Ice

Arca Mnemon

Leader of the Wyld Hunt contingent in the monastery. Earth aspected
Deceased. Also bisected

Matteus Cathak

Member of Arca’s Wyld Hunt. Dual blades. Fire aspected. Deceased.

Xyttergee: Guardian of Boundaries

Unshaped Fae in the Deep Wyld

Lady Hetyeh Solari

Scion of the Solari family, god-blooded. Owns the land that Ault’s followers live on. Deceased.

Balgus Windrunner

Former airship captain, now in charge of the Haslanti ward in Inara. Fled back to Icehome

The Lady on the Threshold

Ruler of the Threshold, powerful reality shaper. Deceased.

Faval “The Wizard” of Crystal

Haslanti Engineer who is achieving feats of engineering which impress even the Chosen.

Velrick of Nexus


Baron Itari

Employer of Ault’s followers, remarkably amicable.

The Blue Man

Ault’s main man.

Hap Leslaky

Haslanti warrior, guard in the Haslanti ward. Fled to Icehome

Maila Kain

Guild Prefect, in charge of the Guild ward in Inara. Deceased.

Shadows Under Ice

Vengeful deity bound in the water manse. Cannot destroy the manse, but can and will kill anyone who gets near, including the Triad.

Triumphant Bringer of Law

Fae warrior, seems to want to be on the Triad’s good side.


Solar ally of Cyndis. Protecting the Shining City from infiltrators.

Olrick and Seamus

Brothers who have sworn themselves to the service of Cyndis.
Apparently not brothers. Seamus stabbed the Blue Man and fled, Olrick glowed violet and disappeared.

The Breath of Peace

De facto leader of the Tholans in the Haslanti League

Talus Rittari

Shanari Noble, owns a lot of land. Previous owner of land around the central manse. Assiciated with the Shanari Merchant Coalition

Merth Pala

Prefect of Gradafes Ward

The Hatchetman

Guild problem solver, sent to deal with problems in Inara. Deceased.

Begrun Til

Shanari Merchant, head of the merchant coalition that is taking advantage of the Guild’s problems. Deceased

Laina Poll

Another up and coming Shanari merchant

Wind over the Mountains

Corrupt lord of the regional terrestrial court. Deceased.

The First Frost

Father of Hetyeh Solari

Glorio the Blademaster

Insane Fae warrior who hates Cyndis

Ajak, The Red Dancer

Red glowing Exalt who tricked Cyndas into serving his Academy. Destroyed Cyndas’ village.

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