Relation with the Haslanti League

The people of Shanarinara see the Haslanti as strange barbarians, but welcome an opportunity for trade. They are aware of the Haslanti’s expansionism, and are rapidly building up a mercenary army, just in case.

Relation with the Guild

Shanarinara is full of raw materials, but they rely mostly on the Guild to turn that into anything useful. They frown on the Guild’s practice of slavery and no Shanarinaran citizen can own slaves, but so long as no citizen is taken as a slave, the people of Shanarinara are willing to allow slave traffic to pass through their kingdom.

Relation with the Realm

Shanarinara is wary of the dragonblooded, and even citizens who happen to exalt are strongly encouraged to leave. Since in the past Shanarinara wasn’t remotely important, the Realm paid little attention to them. This may change.

Relation with the Immaculate Order

Shanarinarans practice a vague analogue of the immaculate faith, but pray more to the immaculate dragons themselves, rather than venerate the dragonblooded. This is technically heresy, but this far from the Blessed Isle, the Order is happy enough that any version of the immaculate faith has hold here at all.

Relation with the Bull of the North

The average Shanari citizen doesn’t know the difference between the Bull and any other Icewalker warlord. Those who do are terrified of him.

Relation with Whitewall

While Whitewall is actually closer to Shanarinara than most of the Haslanti League, the presence of Marama’s Fell makes it difficult to establish a strong relationship. So far Shanarinara has relied on the Guild to maintain trade with the powerful city state.

Relation with Deshaan

Since the slave states are on the other side of Marama’s Fell from Shanarinara, there’s little direct contact, but it is known that a lot of the resources brought in from the Guild come from Deshaan.

Relation with Cherak

Cherak is a major trade hub of the North, but once again, most of Shanarinara’s dealings with the city state are through the Guild.

Relation with the Icewalkers

The Icewalker barbarians are hated and feared in Shanarinara, particularly in the eastern towns and hamlets. However, the budding Shanarinaran military has had quite a bit of success protecting eastern villages, though it has not yet gone on the offensive.



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