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Shanarinara is a small but quickly growing mortal kingdom. After the discovery of a vast array of mineral wealth beneath their soil, this small kingdom has become a focal point for conflict between larger powers.

The Haslanti League

An improbable mix of barbarian savagery and brilliant innovation, the Haslanti League is a young but powerful nation with expansionistic tendencies. While not waging war, they use their greatest technology, the air boat, to rule the tradeways of the hostile and hard to travel North. Originally a collection of disparate northern tribes, the League formed to break their cycle of slavery and exploitation which had been established by the Guild in the far north.

The Guild

The most powerful mortal force in Creation, the Guild is a massive merchant organization spanning the four directions. While most of their power is focused in the population dense East, the unique resources offered by the North attracts Guild caravans every year. They have an adversarial relationship with the Haslanti League, but other nations in the North are neutral to warm, as the Guild brings great wealth to whomever it trades with.

The Immaculate Order

There is a decently large immaculate monastery inside Shanarinara’s borders, staffed entirely by mortal monks. They are respected, and are sought after when supernatural forces trouble the people, but they have been unsuccessful in installing a true immaculate faith in Shanarinara.


The slave states of Deshaan are four city states with over a million inhabitants, only about a thousand of which are free.


A satrapy that is extremely connected to the Realm, Cherak has the largest collection of dragonbloods in the north.


Once the seat of power of The Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears, Gradefes is now ruled by the Bull of the North. However, a small portion of the Gradafi people have sworn fealty to the Golden Triad, for reasons unknown.

The Icewalkers

The Icewalker Barbarians are a vast array of tribes that roam the Great Ice, connected to each other only by shared traditions and sometimes religions. They war with each other over the herds they follow, and raid nearby villages that are weak enough to deserve it.

Distant but powerful

The Realm

The Dynastic houses of the Dragonblood Realm control many satrapies outside of the Blessed Isle. However, most of their forces have been brought home in anticipation of a war for succession, after the disappearance of their Scarlet Empress. Despite this, drawing the attention of even a lesser house of the Realm means the attention of the greatest force in creation, and with misfortune, may bring the Wyld Hunt down upon you.

The Bull of the North

The Bull of the North is the most famous Solar of this age. He has united the Icewalker Barbarians of the northeast into a single nation, and has even defeated a Realm legion sent to destroy him. However, a growing conflict between the Icewalkers and the Tear Eaters, another barbarian tribe with supernatural backing, has taken most of the Bull’s attention in the past year.


South and west of Shanarinara, on the other side of Marama’s Fell, lies the great city state of Whitewall. While Shanarinara may be wealthy, Whitewall possesses more riches than the rest of the North combined. However, they seem content to be a powerful city state, not wanting to expand beyond their eponymous defenses.


Once a tiny Haslanti outpost, Crystal is now the source of the greatest magitechnology seen since the First Age

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