Capitol city of Shanarinara. Ault’s followers have set up a semi-permanent camp outside its walls.

The Threshold

A Fae freehold four days travel north of Inara. Ruled by the Lady on the Threshold, who turns hapless intruders into trees.

The Central Manse

One day’s travel west of Inara, barely active.

The Water Manse

Three days’ travel west of the central manse, underneath a lake that is frozen solid, and guarded by a vengeful god. Luckily, it’s already attuned, and Shadows Under Ice cannot harm the manse itself.

The Wood Manse

On the property of Baron Itari. A puzzle manse that only the Triad have solved.

The Earth Manse

Inside the jade mine owned by the Guild and guarded by Jadeborn.

The Air Manse

On top of a mountain in the far north of Shanarinara. Not a manse you can enter, but a statue of a dragon.

The Fire Manse

Despite attuning the other four manses, the location of the fire manse has not shown up.

The Shining City

The Northern Underworld

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