Character Creation

All attributes start at 1. Primary gets 8 more to distribute, secondary gets 6, tertiary gets 4, none higher than 5

28 skill points at start, none higher than 5

4 specialties at start, none higher than 3

All virtues start at 1, 5 more points to distribute among them, none higher than 3

Essence starts at 2, willpower starts at 5

10 charms at start.

7 backgrounds

18 bonus points

Changes in bonus points: virtues cost 1, willpower costs 1, charms cost 4, 3 is favored.

Starting xp:
5 for putting your character on this site
10 for writing a short history of your character, focusing on the year since you exalted
10 for writing a short description of each of your backgrounds


Character Creation

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